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The green energy market in the UK is growing. This provides a fantastic opportunity for energy brokers to offer renewable products to their customers. You can choose to deal with exclusively ethical energy suppliers, or you can offer renewable energy brokerage as part of your portfolio - it's up to you.

Our energy broker platform is as flexible as you are. When you work with Evolve, you can keep on top of industry news, present your clients with quick quotes, and access live rates to provide the latest deals.

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UK commercial renewable energy suppliers

British Gas

  • Elec - Zero Carbon as standard. Natural REGO as upgrade
  • Gas - standard gas as standard, Carbon neutral Gas as an upgrade & can do 100% RGGO gas on request
  • Natural Renewable Electricity and Carbon Neutral Gas contract options now available on price book

Crown Gas & Power

  • Biogas and Carbon offset products


  • 100% renewable source energy as standard
  • Also offer Wind, Solar & Hydro or our Galloway product (directly linked to Glens of Galloway site)

EDF Corp

  • Zero Carbon for Business: backed by nuclear generation (standard option)
  • UK Renewable: backed by Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGOs) from Wind, Solar and/or Hydro, Biomass, Biodegradable & Landfill Gas.
  • Clean Renewable: backed by Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGOs) from Wind, Solar and/or Hydro

E.ON Next

All electricity purchased by E.ON Next is bought with REGO Certificates. Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGOs), show that electricity has been generated from renewable sources.

E.ON next offers two renewable business energy products which can be added to any electricity contract, Standard REGO (a mix of all types of green energy) and Pure REGO (guaranteed green energy from wind, solar and hydro only).

Npower BS

  • REGO offered on electric

Opus Energy

Opus Energy offers two 100% renewable electricity options for businesses, Opus Advance and Opus Advance Plus. Both options provide renewable electricity to your customers with Opus Advance Plus promising to buy from UK-only renewable generators.


Shell Energy

  • Now quoting brown as standard
  • 3 products: 100% Renewable / 100% Wind, Solar & Hydro / 100% Biomass


  • Carbon Offset renewable products



All Electricity prices are Green as standard

  • Carbon offset available for customers 30Gwh+


  • Renewable Power - REGOs from various generation sources e.g. solar, wind, hydro and biomass.
  • Pure Green - REGOs sourced only from solar, wind and hydro (no biomass).
  • Carbon Offsets - Certified Emission Reduction(CER) and Verified Emission Reduction(VER) certificates


Valda Energy

Valda Energy is a new product offering only available to Evolve Elite Brokers and offers customers 100% renewable electricity.



  • 100% renewable electricity (REGOs)
  • Certified Carbon Neutral Gas


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