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Whether you're new to energy brokerage, or you're an experienced broker looking to specialise, our platform will support your move into the renewable energy market.

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The UK green energy market is in its infancy. This provides a niche opportunity for energy brokers to move quickly, and specialise in this growing market. You can choose to deal with exclusively ethical energy suppliers, or you can offer renewable energy brokerage as part of your portfolio - it's up to you. Our platform is as flexible as you are. Keep on top of industry news, present your clients with quick quotes, and access live rates to provide the best deals.

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UK commercial renewable energy suppliers

Octopus Business
Octopus can provide gas, electricity and water. They can install smart meters to easily and accurately track your clients' usage. With special tariffs for wind farm and charging point businesses, you'll be able to provide highly specialised tariffs for the right client.

Opus Energy
Opus Energy provides certified 100% renewable energy from solar, wind, hydro and anaerobic digestion (AD) sources. Smart Meters help their customers stay on top of their usage, and they'll help clients to promote their green credentials with digital certificates and social graphics.

Good Energy
Good Energy provides 100% renewable energy and a carbon-neutral gas supply. They work with an independent network of 1,400 UK -based wind, solar and water generators.

Bristol Energy
Bristol Energy offers 100% green renewable electricity and gas carbon offsets for Bristol, the South West, and nationwide. They work directly with local renewable generators, green energy certificates and lower carbon initiatives to help the environment.

Engie work with businesses across a range of green projects, with energy supply just one of its services. They work with both large and small businesses across public, commercial, industrial and residential sectors.