What is an Energy Aggregator?

Evolve is a leading UK energy aggregator. This gives our brokers the best resources and access to tarifs, to offer their customers the best possible services.

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What is an energy aggregator?

An energy aggregator, like Evolve, is an organisation that creates competitive tension in the energy market. This competition allows brokers within the network to negotiate more powerfully on tarifs, giving them access to rates they couldn't access as individuals.

Energy brokers are professionals who source the most suitable energy tarifs and suppliers for their customers. Energy suppliers don't negotiate with smaller brokers - they don't have the capacity, and brokers don't have the buying power. Instead, many energy brokers choose to operate under the umbrella of an energy aggregator, like Evolve.

Alone, an energy broker might be able to contact energy suppliers and enquire about tarifs one supplier at a time, but they would find it very difficult to negotiate any better rates. Many suppliers don't publish their business rates publicly, making this process very time consuming for either the business or the broker.

Furthermore, the tariffs and rates available will change based on usage, contract duration, and many other things, making tariff comparison very tricky. By working with an energy aggregator, the broker has two main benefits:

  1. Quick and simple access to live tarifs based on client's recent bills, saving hours in legwork
  2. Benefit from the buying power of not only their own clients' energy usage, but the energy usage of other brokers' clients too. This gives broker access better prices and deals for their customers than they would get on their own.

As soon as you sign up to become an Evolve broker, you'll benefit from all the advantages of working with an energy aggregator. You'll have access to over 150 live rates, direct updates from energy suppliers, and compliance and quality support. Get in touch today to find out more.