Become an Energy Broker

Whether you’re a veteran energy broker or an ambitious new start-up, leveraging the Evolve Online Tech platform will give you the software and support you need to help clients adapt and thrive in a changing energy marketplace.

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How to become an energy broker

Our UK customer service team will help you through the process of becoming an energy broker. From your initial enquiry, to set up and training, to ongoing compliance support, you'll be guided each step of the way.

The Evolve Portal is your one-stop shop for running and growing your business. Our proprietary software unlocks the whole energy market, giving you over 150 live tarifs at your fingertips. Manage your existing customers, grow your pipeline, view your commission and contact your dedicated support team from one online hub.

Payments, salary, fees and commission

You can become an energy broker as a full time job, or as a complementary income to any other business ventures. Your broker salary is what you make it, and is limited only by your ambition. There are no upfront fees when signing up, and your commission level is simple to manage - an extremely competitive rate of up to 85% revenue share.

Becoming an Energy Broker FAQ

An energy broker is an individual or a business that helps secure the best energy deals for clients. Commercial energy brokers get to know the complex and unique energy needs of a business, and direct these clients to the best tarifs and plans across electricity, gas, water, and utility suppliers.

People-focussed individuals with a network of friends and connections make great energy brokers, as do ambitious individuals who want to manage their own working hours. If you're good at relationships, this could be the job for you. If this sounds like you, get in touch.

Businesses that already supply a range of support products and services for their clients can easily add energy brokering to their portfolio of products to broaden their offering. Want to find out more? Submit an enquiry with our online form and someone will get back to you within 1 working day.

The best way for a small scale energy broker to gain the fullest market access is by partnering with an aggregator. Suppliers will not deal with energy brokers under a certain sales volume, preferring instead to own a direct relationship with a client themselves, or via an energy broker aggregator. By partnering with Evolve Online Tech, you can operate independently, but with the benefit of our huge buying power, established relationships, and the live feeds of our portal. Learn more about Evolve Online Tech.

Current market regulation does not require energy brokers to hold any formal license to offer utility consultancy services to business energy customers. However, in 2013 Ofgem put forward a set of recommendations to dictate interactions between brokers, customers and suppliers. Our software is regularly updated to ensure your broker business remains compliant with incumbent Codes of Conduct and any future regulation, ensuring the highest levels of customer service.