Become an Energy Broker

Whether you’re a veteran energy broker or an ambitious new start-up, Evolve Online Tech will give you the software and support you need to help clients adapt and thrive in a changing marketplace.


Our broker platform

The foundation of our proprietary software, the Evolve Broker Portal is your online CRM tool. Manage your customer’s journey, view live reporting data, raise tickets, it’s all available from this centralised, online location. Sign up today and receive full training plus a dedicated customer service team, available online or over the phone.


Unlock revenue for yourself and your clients with access to exclusive tariffs, fast-tracked payment schedules and up to 85% revenue share. Powerful, ethical and growing every day, join hundreds of energy brokers using Evolve Online Tech to take their energy broker business to the next level.


We understand the business energy market moves fast. That’s why we’ve designed an onboarding process which moves faster. No matter the size or stage of your energy broker business, our dedicated onboarding team will guide you through the application and verification process, ensuring a certification time of no more than 7 days from enquiry.



The best way for a small scale energy broker to gain the fullest market access is by partnering with an aggregator. This is because suppliers do not deal with energy brokers under a certain sales volume because of the cost per customer acquisition, preferring instead to deal with customers directly or with an energy broker aggregator.

The deregulated nature of the business energy market presents a massive opportunity for energy brokers offering a reliable and transparent consultancy service to unengaged business owners on default, deemed, or disproportionately expensive contracts. Energy Broker aggregators offer the fastest and most comprehensive access for energy brokers entering the commercial space, utilising their supplier relationships and buying power to safeguard their clients.

Current market regulation does not require energy brokers to hold any formal license to offer utility consultancy services to business energy customers. However, in 2013 Ofgem put forward a set of recommendations to dictate interactions between brokers, customers and suppliers. Our software is regularly updated to ensure your broker business remains compliant with incumbent Codes of Conduct and any future regulation, ensuring the highest levels of customer service.

Energy brokers offer a valuable service to business customers, providing them with the critical information they need to procure affordable and reliable electricity and gas. Traditionally, commission rates are charged at the energy brokers discretion with minimum protections for business owners. Evolve Online Tech seeks to balance this discrepancy with commission scheme which benefits our customers and yours.