List of commercial energy suppliers

We work with the UK's leading commercial energy suppliers, including both big players and smaller specialists, to give brokers the widest possible choice for their clients. With over 150 live rates from a huge range of suppliers, you'll be able to provide your clients with the right deals for their businesses.

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Our Energy Supplier Partners

British Gas
E On
Scottish Power
EDF Energy
British Gas Lite
Dual Energy
Opus Energy
CNG Power Up
Crown Gas & Power
Good Energy
Zog Energy
Bristol Energy
Clear Business Energy
Hudson Energy
United Gas & Power
Octopus Business
Yorkshire Gas & Power
Haven Power

Our brokers work with their clients to identify what's most important to them: price, scalability, or other factors, such as sustainable credentials. Some businesses prefer to work with green, ethical or renewable partners in line with their own company values. The Evolve platform allows you to present your clients with a range of options to choose from based on their business needs.